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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down On My Knees, I Will Be Free

The Greatest of all is where God falls, he (light of flesh) is down on his knees, because he just can't believe that all could be so blind. Where does paradise find the love we search today, is coming hip hip hooray. But so many don't see, blindly go, so many don't know which way to flow, but I see, the light shine inside of me. And I want the heart to know that God sets you free and I could be anything that I want to be. But if you don't know glory, then how can you be free? How can the wise one, come and let it be? For wisdom comes mountains where all does shine this day, and there upon the hillside, the mighty distant shade. The valley that grows blossoms that is where I want to be, the knowing of glory, when my heart feels the breeze and I can move mountains, when you come to see, the glory of falling down upon your knees.

Just pray and know glory, it's deep inside to thee, and I want to join you, inside the distant shade, but if you don't know mountains where everything does shine, then how will you know valleys, where everything grows with time? And I can hold mountains for you, so you may climb. and I can hold you up to the sky, to shine in sun light with it beams, and you will know glory, where every thing shines from above. Just choose to fall down upon the knees to know me. For on my knees there is the ground to be, and there is the place I come the land that sets me free. I have so much to shed of light that comes your way, just hold on to everything, for God is on his way. But don't forget the marriage, the one who shall set you free, the Woman who Great Mother, for she is the womb for me. And I will be a servant to her and everything, for we own the mountains, where all the light brings, we own the mountains, where valleys growing spring, and we know the rivers flow, because you gift the snow, and your tears are not wasted for I come hold your hand. And we can be together when we fall down and beg. We beg for freedom to show us wisdom today. We beg for the right to know, how sacred it can be! For all we know of it's life or dust for me, but if I gift sacred and fall upon my knees, then I cherish Mother and Father who came this far, and I will offer my heart to them from here and the distant star. I will be true to them, for some day it will be me (the eternal circle of growing of learning who we follow, the Great Spirits in the Sky). And I will lead the valleys, when I learn to be free. When I learn to be free, when I learn to be free!
Willed One Whispering Silence
Elder Magenta Person Heart Song
Title: Down On My Knees, I Will Be Free
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle

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  1. hello sir
    how are you doing at this time hope all good you and your family friends look all information on Indians art the craft mics here is my address p.o. box 534 cave city ,Ky 42127
    me see your web paper love see want tell about me cherokee from family

  2. rainbow warriors,
    'this song is singing to me
    the new beat.

    on our knees we sea to bee
    where before we were too bizy
    the gift we can sea to bee
    i give it freely from thee
    we are free
    so lets bee.

    bless the sacred nine directions and bless you and bless my self.
    i am on my day one of fire ceremony,
    i forgive the ones who did not accept me
    i forgive the ones who still carry badness
    i forgive my self so i can forgive others
    on my knees i cry for the truth is a happy

    grandmother dana,
    grey magenta aqua grey