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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down On My Knees, I Will Be Free

The Greatest of all is where God falls, he (light of flesh) is down on his knees, because he just can't believe that all could be so blind. Where does paradise find the love we search today, is coming hip hip hooray. But so many don't see, blindly go, so many don't know which way to flow, but I see, the light shine inside of me. And I want the heart to know that God sets you free and I could be anything that I want to be. But if you don't know glory, then how can you be free? How can the wise one, come and let it be? For wisdom comes mountains where all does shine this day, and there upon the hillside, the mighty distant shade. The valley that grows blossoms that is where I want to be, the knowing of glory, when my heart feels the breeze and I can move mountains, when you come to see, the glory of falling down upon your knees.

Just pray and know glory, it's deep inside to thee, and I want to join you, inside the distant shade, but if you don't know mountains where everything does shine, then how will you know valleys, where everything grows with time? And I can hold mountains for you, so you may climb. and I can hold you up to the sky, to shine in sun light with it beams, and you will know glory, where every thing shines from above. Just choose to fall down upon the knees to know me. For on my knees there is the ground to be, and there is the place I come the land that sets me free. I have so much to shed of light that comes your way, just hold on to everything, for God is on his way. But don't forget the marriage, the one who shall set you free, the Woman who Great Mother, for she is the womb for me. And I will be a servant to her and everything, for we own the mountains, where all the light brings, we own the mountains, where valleys growing spring, and we know the rivers flow, because you gift the snow, and your tears are not wasted for I come hold your hand. And we can be together when we fall down and beg. We beg for freedom to show us wisdom today. We beg for the right to know, how sacred it can be! For all we know of it's life or dust for me, but if I gift sacred and fall upon my knees, then I cherish Mother and Father who came this far, and I will offer my heart to them from here and the distant star. I will be true to them, for some day it will be me (the eternal circle of growing of learning who we follow, the Great Spirits in the Sky). And I will lead the valleys, when I learn to be free. When I learn to be free, when I learn to be free!
Willed One Whispering Silence
Elder Magenta Person Heart Song
Title: Down On My Knees, I Will Be Free
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle

Warriors of the Earth
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Magic In the Air, the True and Blue of Rainbow Warriors Everywhere!

Magic In the Air, Rainbow Warriors Will Save You Deer (journey of life), the warriors of prophecy everywhere!

From White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Crystal Elder
To: John, Indigo Warrior
Friday, Aug 14, 2009 at 6:40 PM
Re: RSS feed

Hello John, (Indigo Warrior),
And I feel your a bit confused about Blogging. RSS means really simple syndication, in other words news. NEWS is how we communicate in this world, around the earth. And telecommunications will deliver us.

You have a local agenda (gathering), but we cannot get this agenda working not until there is something more meaningful. The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy belong to the ones who will save the world, and there is only one LAW, the law of love. Separation is not love, not matter how you say it, brother. Stop fooling yourself.

Yes, it is the local who will save the local, but there is no way, you will get the local to do it right without the Four Directions, of God. God is perfect and if you think you can BEAT God's Oneness well,"C'est la vie". (a French phrase, "Such is life")

There is only one way to get every one safe and this is learning to be a Rainbow Warrior and to walk the way of unity, for no amount of separation will save you. We are ONE world, and NO LOCAL anything will save the EARTH, only the WARRIORS of the RAINBOW WILL SAVE MOTHER and FATHER.

So you take all the time you want, but by the time you start to join the Oneness, we'll be on our way, homeward. The banks will collapse in 2010 and the world will end with fire in 2013, 2012 Winter Solstice, Silence until Summer Solstice 2013. If you are ready to walk through fire, well you won't be ready (continuing separation), that's the way it is, the TRUTH from the CRYSTAL ELDER, your sister. A woman who brings the LAW of the LAND.

You want to deny your RELATIVES? Well I won't, not even you. I love my family that God sent here, and those who rise to be part of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, will be saved by Warriors of the RAINBOW.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
Elder Crystal Person, Wakan Iyeshka or Holy Interpreter

ps. I'll bet my life has made less of an impact on this world than you have, yet you think I do not count. Such denial. Another thing, you are kind and respectful using my name change to Twin Deer Mother, by you refuse again and again to call Holiness David as such. Stop denying him, what he has been all his life, your Holiness who has loved you, and purified you, whether you like it or not. This is what Holiness does all over the world, and you work for them, all of us world for the King of Earth, Holiness who are true to the Oneness, and for now, the TRUTH is Holiness David Running Eagle. Let us, be honest, rather than deceitful, like many you have not forgiven. I know you have many to forgive, but you don't even know how to purify your space yet, my Brother, "How will you be safe?" I worry for you. WE AWAIT THE RETURN OF THE GREAT PROPHET AND TEACHER, JOHN, THE INDIGO WARRIOR.

"Welcome Home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy"

A song I sang "Magic is in the Air" just this morning
for all to
see their way homeward

Title: Magic In the Air (Holiness Peace Prayer Song)
Sung: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Drum: Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

Magic is in the air, and I feel it everywhere, and if I could only catch the light in the air, then I could slide down to where you are. Now I lift myself to touch the sky, but I don't really know if I could lie,what they teach us to do, down there, if they could only learn to care.

The pureness of love is the law. The spiraling tongue of the snake and we are bond to it's law, that love stands upon the ground. But we don't look at this way, we think that it's all for play, and we can't see what has been, cause we think we are always going to win.

But stronger than us exists out there, and evolution has it's call. And if you think you don't know the way, then you should call on those who care to play, with love and law and it's return, the Rainbow Warriors who will care. We will make you choose wrong or right, and then you can count on our care.

We are the ones who come your way, to teach you that love is not a game, it's law that rules all over the land, and Great Mother is here to stand. She is the love you counted on. She is the one who never failed. She always come when you call, even if you think it was not her.

And when do you think the marriage will end? I don't think time will ever win. For law lives inside of you, and you can't and won't divide the fuse. For we belong to each other everything, and you can't take it home and change. The only thing that keeps us solid and true, is love and that's the only rule.

Now I say, if you want a new day, you will fight with the one who always displays. You tell them that law is here to stay, and woman is here to show you the way. For she is the heart of everyone, and she is here to show you love, but man you need come home to win, to teach all the children how to swim.

But the sky, will be blind, and if you don't know how to shine, the fire that's inside, then you won't have a way, to survive the dawning day, when all will be blown away, the fire will catch throughout the land, and we shall come home to stand.

Now, it's the way of love again. And if you think you can win, then we will see you go away, only to save you on another day. But we will take you here to say, that love is here and always wins. And when you return home again, then we will all know how to swim. The blue of the sea to see, and we can have all shores to believe, that we could travel everywhere and have relatives who will surely play. And when we come home with law again, the play will be without sin, and we shall be like children again.

And we shall love and believe. The day of dawn is coming home, and those who claim the ultimate throne, will serve their hearts and never die, for eternal will always be in the sky. And brotherhood will be everywhere, because sisterhood will care like they should. And women everywhere, will start to make law where it counts. To love men more than yourself, to offer and teach him like you should, that a heart means more than your sin, and no matter how far you think you could win.

Just put your hate away, and learn to forgive again. but speak your heart like you should, and tell them how you could. But that you will choose a better way, just like they need to collide this day, for they will come home to thank your heart, for caring and giving them a smart (stinging). And we will be one happy family, we fight then make up like we should, then we are loving each and every day, and we come home and play lovingly.

My family, you have so much to care, there inside you should care, and if we choose to love again, then we could all come home and win. But to those who chose another way, then we say, good riddens (welcome relief) for the sky. For they will live law when the day, comes to forsake (give up, renounce) and display (law of fire, the red). It's time to come and hide your sin, like you forgive and let it go in the wind. Not hide your heart because you said, but to go where there is no hate. And we will hide with you, when darkness is complete, and when you think no one can sea, we will be there who will be strong and true.

We will lift your hand and say, grab right on it, my hand and it's display. I'll grab you now and then, if you only catch me in the breeze. But if you don't reach towards me again, then you will have to wait to win, because love is always unity, and when you choose hate, you always catch the blood. For the Red is love it's said, and you don't know what's the way, for only love will light your lift, and only fire will purify. So if you want to know how to win, count on Rainbow Soldiers who are true, who come when no one is around, to save you especially when you're down. And I know the day,will come, to teach all of us how to swim, to fly through the air again, to be the greatest we have ever been.

It's DAWNING everyone, the place we always dreamed. For the beginning to the end of time, the magic of this time. We are going where perfection lives, inside our hearts and inside our minds. To be pure and know love and light. To be great and true to all the plight. And we will only know the way, the true Soldiers who display, the LAW of LOVE throughout the land, from shore to distant shore and back again!

Warriors of the Earth